Conditional Report Document Creation

I would be great if there would be analog to the conditional option of a report Element a conditional option for the Creation of an report Document itself.

Use Case:

Only Create the Document if Gross Sales Last Year and Gross Sales Current Year for the filtered Cycle Value is larger than zero.

Eventual errors like putting a non existing Report in a File Collection could be catched with the exception behavior "Continue with next Action"

  • Hi Steffen,

    You can try the condition for Report creation:

    In the task you can test if the report was created or not using the M&D function:


    Hope this helps,

    kind regards, Emma

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  • Thank you for your feedback. To my shame i did not recognize that the functionality that i need is already integrated in the Report itself..

    So i think this request should be tagged with "Not Taken" or "Implemented" :-)

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