DRY - dont repeat yourself, same Excel multiple "trigger"

I learned that I have to duplicate an existing report when I want to trigger it from the M&D Hub as well as from the M&D Ad-hoc Extension + passing current selections. 

I would really appreciate if the source report can also be a linked report that is already done, instead of duplicating the underlying Excel Template. ...

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  • Hi Christof,

    Here a way to DRY:

    Add a parameter called Filter Fields with default No


    You can add a nicer caption, in case this report will be available in the Hub:


    For the Hub, the only option for this parameter is Yes


    In the Preparation Actions, test the parameter to filter or not the fields:


    And we have it in DRY :)

    kind regards, Emma

  • When creating the report from a Task, you will send a YES in the parameter!

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