How to customize the Hub

Please add the following lines to 

C:\Mail & Deploy\Server\Data\Configuration\Settings.xml

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="Title" Value="String:Here is the title of the Hub" /> 
  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="MainLogoImageData" Value="String:Here comes the encoded string using something like" />

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="MainLogoImageWidth" Value="Byte:255" />

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="MainLogoImageHeight" Value="Byte:69" />  

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="LightColorCssValue" Value="String:#FDE0C4" />

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="DarkColorCssValue" Value="String:#C46506" />

  <Setting Category="HubServer" Name="MediumColorCssValue" Value="String:#F88414" />

The Max Width is 255, please check/calculate the corresponding Height (keep ratio) 
The DarkColor will replace the dark green.
The MediumColor will replace the light green.
The LightColor will replace the color that is displayed when you hover the menu items on the left.

You do not have to restart the server, just use F5 in your browser to see the changes!
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