Vizlib-Tabellen als Tabelle in Mail & Deploy verwendbar machen

Posted over 3 years ago by Isabella Czedik-Eysenberg

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Isabella Czedik-Eysenberg

Es wäre praktisch, Vizlib-Tabellen als Tabelle in Mail & Deploy-Reports einbinden zu können.

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Bernd Podhradsky posted almost 3 years ago Admin

We have implemented this feature in version 3.0.5 of Mail & Deploy.

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Bernd Podhradsky posted about 3 years ago Admin

Thanks for the feature request. We are targeting Vizlib Tables to be part of a larger update we are working on (however there will be releases before that update for bug-fixes and smaller features).

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Steffen Bartschat posted over 3 years ago

I support this. Espacially the self service Table, which is an dynamic generated Table in Qlik.

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