Sheet object like in 2.1


When I worked a report in 2.1 I had a issue: I wanted to add to my report some unsupported Qlik Sense extensions (Simple KPI). I could not generate a M&D chart object from those simple KPIs so I "workarrounded" the problem by generating a M&D Sheet Object and properly cropping this image. This worked fine: I could use Simple KPI visualizations in M&D.

Now, in 3.x, I only have the option of generating a M&D chart object from a whole sheet and I have notice that those simple KPI objects do not appear (since, I guess, they are not supported). I have, now, no workarround for unsupported objects. It would be great if that M&D sheet object comes bac to 3.x.



  • Hi Jaime!

    Unfortunately the approach we took in 2.1 had problems in many scenarios and we changed this functionality in 3.x. We have, however, implemented the SimpleKPI extension (and we will add lots more extensions in the next updates).


  • Hi Bernd:

    Thanks for your reply. I have already installed version 3.0.2 so my problem is, effectively, solved with no workaround needed, which is better.



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