Apply different style for last row or column of table generated in excel v3.0.4


In the Mail & Deploy Designer when designing an excel report,

is it possible to check via an expression  if a certain cell is in the last row or column of my exce table?

I know this expression works for checking if the cell is in the first row of my excel table:

if([RowNumber] = 1, RGB(192,192,192),RGB(255,255,255)) 


Now i need an expression like this to work:

if([RowNumber] = NUMBER_OF_ROWS, rgb(192,192,192),rgb(255,255,255)) 


Also, the expression should work for different Pivot tables so it shouldn't reference a perticular  datasource object.

  • Hi Michael,

    This is a very cool feature request (to have it out of the box).

    In the meantime, you could get the count of rows using a Qlik expression!

    kind regards, Emma

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