Create a task to reload an app

 I'm trying to create a task which reloads an app in Qlik Sense. Using M&D 2.1.1 #11

The service user has a license and RootAdmin in Qlik. Nethertheless it does not work to run the action. The error message is "Access denied..."


Regards Michael

  • Hi there! 

    Another M&D user here.

    i am running Version 3.0.4 and did a reload of a test app via a M&D Task without a problem.

    Do you use section access in your app?

    i had to include 




    in my rights table to get reloads to work. Also the user wich M&D uses to acess qlik has to be in the section access table.

  • This problems was solved. Thx to the support.

    Either you have to set the owner of the app to the M&D Service User or create a Security Rule in Qlik Sense to allow all Users with a specific role (i.e. RootAdmin) to reload tasks.

  •  @Steffen

    Interessting. This would explain another issue I had with section access. The app was not accessable at all by M&D. I solved it with disabling SA for the M&D databases. How exactly do I have to enter the service user in SA, including the domain?

    For the SA_Repository it is written INTERNAL\SA_SCHEDULER. The service user entry is Domain\serviceuser?

    But in fact the error mentioned above was without section access. Did you try without SA?

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