Condition statement to look for a part of a string in a field

Currently I'm looking for an exact match in a datasource field which works well.

Checking if field 'PSPHierarchie.Ebene1' is "ABC"

The condition statement:


Now I like to check if the string in the field does NOT begin/contain one of these two strings:

"GR_" or "AP_"

The values in the field should contain strings like "GR_xxxx" or "AP_xxxx". In error the field may contain "GF_abcdef" or "AC_12345" or anything else.

The check is used to identify it there are strings which do not begin with "GR_" or "AP_" and send a mail if occured.

Any idea?

Regards Michael


    Hallo Michael,


    I would solve it somehow like this:

    In order to use wildcard in Qlik, please check the Perform Match Filter checkbox.

    Kind regards, Emma

  • I don't have this dialog in 2.1.1

    It looks like this and I don't find an option to "filter" the search values and select "Perform Match Filter". I need to enter the expression.


    But on the bottom of your screenshot I see parts of an expression string. Is this the corresponding string of your filter statment with  the "perform match filter" option? Could you provide it.

    PS: 3.x looks nice. Hope to receive it soon.

    Regards Michael

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