User Themes

Hi where can we find a tool or guide to create Theme User as a new M&D Installation only has default theme.

  • Hi Emmanuelle,

    Make a copy of the file default.xml and then edit it to create your theme. Please don´t delete the Default.xml file. 
    In the properties of the User you can assign the theme!

    Here is the extract of the help:
    Mail & Deploy supports themes that can be used to control how the user interface looks. Themes are stored in the Data\Ui\Themes directory of the root installation directory of 
    Mail & Deploy Server
    Every theme is an XML file that contains settings to control:
    • The icon to display in the browser tab.
    • The product name to display in the browser tab.
    • Colors of many user interface items (such as buttons, input fields etc.).
    There always must be a theme file named Default.xml. If that file does not exist, errors may occur and users might not be able to connect to the user interface.
     can have a theme assigned that will be applied when that user connects to a user interface of Mail & Deploy.

    Hope this helps, Emma
  • Ok, I thought something like that, then we have to be trial and error to see how the changes affecting each object color.

    Thank you very much.

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