Migrate Deployments to New Servers

Posted over 1 year by Emmanuelle Bustos

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Emmanuelle Bustos

Hello guys,

Is there any info about how to migrate my M&D to a new server?

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Emmanuelle Bustos posted about 1 year

Wow, this is sort of easy. Thank you so much for the response.

Best Regards!

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Emma Camacho

Emma Camacho posted over 1 year Admin

Hi Emmanuelle,

1) Please do a fresh installation to the new server, using the same version that is running in the old server.

2) After the installation stop the service

3) Copy the repository from the old server to the new server. The repository is commonly here: C:\Mail & Deploy\Data\Repository.db

4) Start the service

5) Provide a valid license to the new server (Settings->License)

6) Make the necessary changes to the Service account (Settings->Server)

hope this helps!

regards, Emma

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