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Posted 11 months ago by Nick Valstar

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Nick Valstar

I would like to have a global file collection, where different tasks can temporarily save their reports or other content. 

Right now different tasks are not able to put their content in a shared file collection or a shared temporarily space to save it all together, at the same timeIf this is possible already, please tell me how, as I could not find out how.

This way, I can let different (parallel) tasks, that are running at the same time, put all their content in one file collection. The file collection will then be saved in one folder that has the current date and time as folder name. For example "my_documents_2022_07_27_16_39_42".

Because the tasks are finished at different times, the folders will have different folder names  without a global file collection. Because the tasks would create a folder and save their content inside the folder themselves.

So, a global file collection would be a nice solution for this problem. 

I have attached a image where I've drawn the work flow of this case. I hope that will help if it is not clear yet.

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Nick Valstar posted 5 months ago

this is no longer required for me. Greetings, Nick

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