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Posted almost 2 years ago by Lan Cao

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Lan Cao

Dear team,

I found out today that the PowerPivot in Excel is not supported by MD. When there is PowerPivot element in my report template, MD won't generate the report for me. 

Error Message:


Why PowerPivot is very important!

Because the customer always wants to have a Pivot table in their report to click over and the standard Pivot table sometimes generate wrong value in subtotal-results.


To create a PowerPivot, there are the following different steps comparing to standard Pivot.

1. I will check the box "Dem Datenmodell diese Daten hinzufügen."


2. I can create my own formular in measures.


I am not sure which step is causing the error in MD. Could you please help? 

Thanks a lot!

Lan Cao

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