Sending emails to user based on the filter selection for their respective data dynamically

Posted about 1 year ago by Deepak K M

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Deepak K M

Hi All,
Anybody has an idea on how to send emails to user based on the filter selection for their respective data dynamically.
User details are in the & only for those users email report should be sent with their data

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Deepak K M posted 10 months ago

Hi Emma,
Actually I already have a the user list or email. I was looking for the settings to restrict to specific email based on the sales rep which is associated in the QS native app and I was able to do it now and it's working based on the below settings in the tasks.

Automatically filter to cycle value and value name based on the parameter based and also created the filter condition on Sales rep field.

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Deepak K M posted 11 months ago

Hi Emma,

I have the email details in the original QS app. I'm able to create the report for the each sales reps based on the cycle through in tasks. But I need filter\select the corresponding email based on the sales reps and send the emails. Also I need to avoid creating the reports where there is no data for the sales reps.

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Emma Camacho

Emma Camacho posted 11 months ago Admin

Dear Deepak,

Could you please elaborate the use case? 

If i understand correctly, you could set up a supporting app to store the recipients, emails and their personal filtering options, and then cycle through them to create the reports with the personal filtering options and send them to the corresponding email.

Does this help? I will forward your question to your partner, in case you need more help,

kind regards, Emma

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