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Posted 2 months ago by Emma Camacho

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Emma Camacho
Emma Camacho Admin

You can download the setup for Version 3.4 and higher.

Although a backup is done automatically by Mail & Deploy, we suggest doing a backup before manually updating.

Click here to open the online help for version 3.4 in a new browser. A change log can be found under Release Notes.

To update an existing Mail & Deploy 3 installation, simply double-click the setup, choose Update Mail & Deploy and continue. Setup will automatically stop the service, perform the installation and then restart the service. You may have to rebuild the cache of datasources after the update.

If using the M&D Extensions for Qlik Sense, please re-import them.

In order to initially install Mail & Deploy, you need a valid activation code. Please contact  to get an activation code and state the computer name (not the fully  qualified domain name) of the machine on which you want to install Mail  & Deploy.

If you have any troubles with the new version please use our support portal at to submit a ticket and make sure you specify the exact version of Mail & Deploy you are using.

BuildRelease dateSetup fileHotFix (HF) file*Notes
3.4.720.03.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.7.exe 

Version 3.4.7 - Release Notes 
3.4.619.03.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.6.exe 

Version 3.4.6 - Release Notes 
3.4.515.03.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.5.exe 

Version 3.4.5 - Release Notes 
3.4.414.03.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.4.exe 

Version 3.4.4 - Release Notes 
3.4.312.03.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.3.exe 

Version 3.4.3 - Release Notes & Deploy Setup-3.4.2.exe 

Version 3.4.2 - Release Notes 
26.02.2024Mail & Deploy Setup-3.4.1.exe 

Version 3.4.1 - Release Notes 

If using the M&D Extensions for Qlik Sense: please re-import them
Mail & Deploy 
Version 3.4.0 - Release Notes & Deploy Setup-3.4.0.exe

Version 3.4.0 - Release Notes 

Note: The section access setup file is distributed separately.

* The hotfixes can be used in an environment using the same version (the first 3 numbers should match). For example, the HF 3.4.0-HF1 can be installed if the server is running version 3.4.0. 

But the HF 3.4.1-HF5 cannot be installed if the server is running version 3.4.0-HF2.

For more information see How to install a hotfix in version 3.4 and higher

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