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Posted 5 months ago by Emma Camacho

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Emma Camacho
Emma Camacho Admin

We are currently in the process of transferring some HTML reports from NPrinting to Mail & Deploy. These reports contain various charts from Qlik Sense, which are embedded using the following methodology:

  • <img align="center" src="%%0df6a8ff-1f91-4753-8f14-f6e829ac6295%%" alt="0df6a8ff-1f91-4753-8f14-f6e829ac6295" width="564" style="max-width:800px; padding-bottom: 0; display: inline !important; vertical-align: bottom;" class="mcnImage">
  • In this case, "0df6a8ff-1f91-4753-8f14-f6e829ac6295" represents the object ID in QlikSense. However, when I maintain this formatting in Mail & Deploy, I encounter the following error message:

Unfortunately, I am now only able to insert the image by converting it to a base64-encoded image:

  • src="data:image/png;base64,...........etc etc."

Is there a way to include the src="%%object ID%%" in the HTML code? Ideally, we are seeking a method that preserves the object ID within the HTML code, facilitating the identification of the object ID in the HTML-script, and minimizing layout disruptions.

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