Syntax for specifying pixel width for multiple columns in table

Posted 4 months ago by Debi Cook

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Debi Cook

I have a basic table, but I need to specify the column widths in pixels.  5 Columns in total, different pixel values for each column.  

How do I write that specification:

[ColumnNumber] = 1 = 120

[ColumnNumber](1) = 120

I have tried a bunch of different ways.

Plus I need to specify 5 columns, so how do i join them together once I get 1 column right?

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Emma Camacho

Emma Camacho posted 11 days ago Admin

Hi Debi, the syntax to do this is:

CreateList( <value1>,<value2>, ... )

for example, in your case with pixels:

CreateList( 120,100,50,50,50)

regards, Emma

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