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Posted about 1 month ago by Jaroslaw Wojciech Gniazdowski

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Jaroslaw Wojciech Gniazdowski

Hi All,

I'm trying to change % from decimal to non decimal expression, I've tried to use Num/Format functions but to no avail, example below. I'd like to see 5% and 2% instead 5.4% and 2.1%.
The expression I'm using:

"KPI 1 " & [Datasource].[QLIK_APP].[Expression].[=num(

    num(MAKEDATE(vD_InputYear, vD_InputMonth, if(isnull(vD_InputDay),day(Today()),vD_InputDay)))
    num(MAKEDATE(vD_InputYear, (vD_InputQuarter*3-2),1))


    num(MonthEnd(MAKEDATE(vD_InputYear, (vD_InputQuarter*3),1)))
    num(MAKEDATE(vD_InputYear, (vD_InputQuarter*3-2),1))
,'#,##0') * 100] & "%" 

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Emma Camacho

Emma Camacho posted about 1 month ago Admin

Hi Jaroslaw,

Please enclose the num expression with the text function, something like this:

"KPI 1" & [Datasource].[your_datasource].[Expression].[ text( num( ... ) * 100 ) ] & "%"

With the text function you force M&D to use the text representation of the number, as M&D will always try to display the numeric version of the number.

Let me know if this helps for you,

regards, Emma

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