Updating Mail & Deploy Server

New versions of Mail & Deploy are published to all customers with a valid and current maintenance contract. 

There are two ways of updating Mail & Deploy Server:

Manual Update

When a new version is available, you will be notified via e-mail; this e-mail contains a download link to a file named Mail & Deploy Update.mdpkg. This file can then be installed through Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Update). The download also contains a file named Version History.pdf which will provide you information about all the changes when updating to the new version, particularly if there are any breaking changes that might require manual intervention after the update has been installed.

Automatic Update

If the computer that runs Mail & Deploy Server has access to the internet, you can use the auto-update feature of Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Update) to automatically download and install the update.

The updates - whether it is a manual or automatic update - also contain the new version for Mail & Deploy Client, which will be installed automatically whenever Mail & Deploy Client is started and connects to Mail & Deploy Server (see Updates).

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