System Requirements for Mail & Deploy Client

This section lists the minimum hardware and software requirements for Mail & Deploy Client. 


The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to install and use Mail & Deploy Client:

  • An environment capable of executing 64-bit applications
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 or higher
  • 500 MB of free disk space
  • Mail & Deploy Server Connection
    The computer needs to have a connection to the computer that runs Mail & Deploy Server and the firewall must not block the port used for the communication between Mail & Deploy Server and Mail & Deploy Client; this port, however, can be configured in Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Control Panel).

Additional optional Requirements

  • Microsoft Office (optional)
    If you want to design reports based on Microsoft Office formats (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word) then the respective Microsoft Office application needs to be installed on the computer and licensed.
    • Excel 2013 has a bug when using Excel native pivot tables and named ranges. Please contact to discuss the workaround.

  • PDF Viewer (optional)
    If you want to design reports that will be created in PDF format, a PDF viewer needs to be installed in order to preview these reports during the design process.

  • Licensed (local license or leased license) QlikView Desktop Client version 11 or higher (optional)

  • Connectivity to QlikView Server, in case of leasing a license (optional)

  • Connectivity to Qlik Sense Enterprise September 2018 or higher (optional)

  • Windows account (for administrators and designers)
    • should have writing rights to the folder c:\mail & deploy\client\
    • should have a token or professional/analysis license to connect to Qlik Sense Enterprise

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