Mail & Deploy Server

Each Mail & Deploy environment requires at least one Mail & Deploy Server. 

The server is a component that manages Repositories, the web-server for Mail & Deploy Hub and Mail & Deploy API and it executes regular tasks or on-demand requests. Mail & Deploy Server runs as a local windows service named Mail & Deploy Server; if that service is not running, Mail & Deploy cannot be accessed by clients, the hub or API consumers. 

The configuration of the service can be done in Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Control Panel).


The service described above that hosts Mail & Deploy Server contains the following components:

Main Server 

The main server allows Mail & Deploy Clients to connect to the server and open a repository. The main server will automatically be started when the service is started.

Execution Engine 

The execution engine handles the execution of tasks (see Tasks) and on-demand requests submitted through the hub (see Hub) or the API (see API). The parallel executions of more than one jobs are handled by the execution engine. You can manage the execution engine using Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Control Panel).


The hub is an optional, integrated HTTP web server which provides users with the possibility to logon to a web interface and request reports and executes tasks on-demand (see Hub).


Mail & Deploy API is an optional, integrated HTTP web server that allows 3rd party developers to access Mail & Deploy functionality (see API).

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