Starting Mail & Deploy Client

Mail & Deploy Client can be started by double-clicking Mail & Deploy Client.exe located in the installation directory you provided (see Installing Mail & Deploy Client).

Connecting to a Repository 

When you start Mail & Deploy the Connect to Repository dialogue comes up. It lists all repositories of the currently configured Mail & Deploy Server (see Server Connection Settings) to which the windows user, with which you are starting Mail & Deploy Client, has access to. 

The following criteria apply:

  • The repository needs to contain a user (see User and User Groups) that has windows credentials (see User and User Groups) and whose username matches the Windows username (in domain\accountname format) of the user starting Mail & Deploy Client.

  • The user needs to have a role of at least Designer.

The following buttons are available:

Click this button to refresh the list of available repositories.
Click this button to edit the server connection settings (see Server Connection Settings).

Server Connection Settings 

These settings enable you to specify the host / IP address of the computer on which Mail & Deploy Server is installed as well as the port on which the main server runs (see Configurating Mail & Deploy Server). These settings are initialized during the installation of Mail & Deploy Client (see Installing Mail & Deploy Client).

Main Window 

After connecting to a repository, you will be redirected to the main window of Mail & Deploy Client. 

It consists of:

Top Menu. 

This menu allows you to connect to another repository (see Configurating Mail & Deploy Server) and to configure additional settings.

Left Menu.

This menu allows you to manage users and user groups (see User and User Groups), data sources (see Datasources), reports (see Reports) and tasks (see Tasks) review the server status (see Server Status) and access help.

Status Bar. 

The status bar at the bottom contains from left to right the current status of Mail & Deploy Client, the username with which you are authenticated at the repository, the server host and the name of the repository to which you are currently connected and the version of Mail & Deploy Client.

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