Managing Reports

Mail & Deploy is made to meet the specific reporting needs of every single decision-maker in your company. Create engaging reports that are unique to your business and the report recipient with just a few mouse clicks. 

Report and Report Documents

In Mail & Deploy, a report contains instructions about how report documents are created. In Mail & Deploy a report document is a file (e.g. a PDF file) that contains the actual report with data from QlikView, Qlik Sense etc. In other words: a report document is what you want to distribute to users. Report documents can be created based on templates (see Template Based Reports) or using reports embedded in a datasource (see Datasource Embedded Reports). 

A report, on the other hand, describes how such a report document shall be created; the report depending on the report type - contains a template, parameters, filter instructions, report elements such as charts, tables and text; if a user requests a report document through Mail & Deploy Hub or if a task is setup to automatically create and distribute report documents on a regular basis, the report will be processed (by processing all filter instructions, reading data such as tables and charts from the datasources and inserting it into the template) and the output is a report document that will be distributed to the users.

You can access reports by clicking Reports in the left menu of Mail & Deploy Client.

Managing Reports 

Reports can be managed using the following buttons:

Click this button to create a new report; a context menu will open that allows you to select which type of report you want to create.
Click this button to edit the currently selected report.
Click this button the create a copy of the currently selected report.
Click this button to delete the currently selected report.

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