Server Status

This panel allows you to see the status of the Mail & Deploy Server (see Server) to which Mail & Deploy Client is currently connected (see Server Connection Settings).

You can access the server status by clicking Server Status in the left menu of Mail & Deploy Client.


The list shows all executions which are currently processed by Mail & Deploy Server; the list is not limited to only the repository you are currently connected to but lists the executions of all repositories. You can abort an execution by clicking on the item in the list and then clicking the button ,if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The repository to which the selected execution belongs needs to be the same as the repository to which you are currently connected with Mail & Deploy Client.
  • The user (see User and User Group) with which you are currently logged on to the repository in Mail & Deploy Client needs to have at least a role of Administrator.
Please note that it may take a few seconds until the execution is actually aborted and disappears from the list of current executions.

You can view the current log of execution by selecting it in the list of executions.

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