Calendars settings

These settings allow you to manage calendars which are basically lists of date-times which can be used to control executions (see Execution Plans). 

You can manage calendars by clicking Tools > Settings > Calendars and then using the following buttons:

Click this button to create a new calendar.
Click this button to edit the currently selected calendar.
Click this button to delete the currently selected calendar.

Each calendar has the following attributes:

NameThe name of the calendar; this is only used within Mail & Deploy to identify the calendar.
Date-TimesA list of date-times which make up the calendar. These cannot be manually edited in Mail & Deploy; instead, you can import them from a file by clicking the button  and then locating a file that contains one date-time per line; please note, that the date-time format must either be in ISO format (yyyy-mmddTHH:MM) or in a format compatible with the current regional settings of the operating system. You can export date-times of a calendar by clicking the button .

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