Production Repository Settings

These settings allow you to set up the production repository of that repository to which Mail & Deploy is currently connected to; these settings are only required, if you want to set up a development environment (see Development Environment) and need to be set in the test repository in order to connect it to its production repository.

You can access these settings by clicking Tools > Settings > Production Repository if you are a user with a role of at least Designer. A dialogue will appear that allows you to configure the following settings:  

Enable Production RepositoryThis setting determines whether you want to connect the current repository to a production repository.
Host & Port The host and port of the Mail & Deploy Server of the production system.
The repository of the Mail & Deploy Server of the production system, that is the production repository for the repository to which you are currently connected. You can use the button  after entering Host and Port in order to refresh the list of available repositories.

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