API configuration

To use Mail & Deploy API, you have to ensure the following conditions:

  • Mail & Deploy API must be enabled (see Control Panel).
  • At least one user with at least a role of API Consumer needs to be set up (see User and User Groups).
  • If the API is called from another computer, a network connection between that computer and the computer that runs Mail & Deploy Server needs to be established and the configured port on which the API web service runs must not be blocked by any firewall in between.
Our recommended practice is to create one API user with a role of API Consumer for each 3rd party vendor that you want to grant access to; this way each 3rd party vendor gets his own credentials to authenticate and when using the execution calendar (see Execution Calendar) you can easily identify which 3rd party vendor created requests. Also, if you want to exclude a 3rd party vendor from accessing the API, you can simply delete that user.

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