Expressions Introduction

In Mail & Deploy, expressions can be used to supply values to certain functions; expressions can either return constant values (see Constant Values), dynamic values (see Dynamic Values) or values calculated from constant and/or dynamic values (see Calculations). 

Example: You want to filter a datasource field (see Filter Datasource Field Action). The list of values you want the field to be filtered to is a list of expressions, which will be evaluated just before the field is filtered.

The language in which expressions are written in Mail & Deploy, is Visual Basic .NET; however, in most cases you will not be required to have a deeper knowledge of the language. 

Expressions are edited in an expression editor, which provides the following buttons:   

Click this button to choose a built-in value to insert.
Click this button to open a larger expression editor, which gives you more space to edit the expression.
Click this button to open an editor to edit the module (see Module) of the current repository.

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