You can also write your own Visual Basic .NET code in a module. A module is a set of Visual Basic .NET code that contains functions to be used from any expression within the repository. This allows you to provide additional functionality to expressions.

The following module, for instance, provides to functions; one that returns the current year and month and one that returns the current year, month, and day:

Function GetYearMonth()
Return Date.Now.Year.ToString("0000") & Date.Now.Month.ToString("00") 
End Function

Function GetYearMonthDay() 

Return Date.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd") 

End Function

Any of these functions can be called by using the following syntax in an expression:


Functions contained in modules may also contain parameters.
There is exactly one module per repository. You can access and edit this module by clicking Tools > Module in the main window of Mail & Deploy Client or by clicking the button in the expression editor.

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