Log Files

With Log Files, you can monitor the components of Mail & Deploy.

Mail & Deploy provides two different types of log files: 

Application Logs

These logs contain information about the status of a component of Mail & Deploy; they do not contain information about the execution of tasks or other requests; instead, they can be used to identify problems with the components of Mail & Deploy on an application level.
These logs can be found in the Logs subfolder of your Mail & Deploy Server (see Server) installation directory, where you will find a sub-folder for each component of Mail & Deploy. The log files are then organized in daily text files.

Task Execution Logs 

To get information about executed tasks, the execution calendar (see Execution Calendar) can be used. Task execution logs have log entries in their sequential order which can be of one of the following severities:

The log entry represents information.
The log entry represents a warning.
The log entry represents an exception.

You can move your mouse over a log entry and wait for a short period of time in order to see a tooltip that contains the complete information about this log entry (including any technical information about an exception). By selecting a log entry and pressing STRG + C you can copy the complete log entry to the clipboard.

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