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Mail & Deploy API Shell is a commandline tool that allows you to communicate with Mail & Deploy API (see API) through the commandline (e.g. by using a batch file).


Mail & Deploy API Shell requires the .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed.


If you want to use Mail & Deploy API Shell from another computer, you can simply copy the complete API Shell directory to that computer; no further installation is required. However, the requirements need to be met on that computer.


The general call to the API shell looks like this:

"Mail & Deploy API Shell.exe" RequestFilePath={requestfilepath}  

The names of parameters are case sensitive.

Request File Path 

This parameter is required and contains the path to an XML file that contains details about the request; the format of the XML file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
<MailAndDeployApiRequest Host="{host}" 
<Parameter Name="{parameter_name}" Value="{parameter_value}" /> 

The meaning of these values are:

Host The host that runs Mail & Deploy Server and thus Mail & Deploy API.
PortThe port on which Mail & Deploy API runs; this port can be configured using Mail & Deploy Server Control Panel (see Control Panel).
ParametersZero, one, or more parameters for the API request, each consisting of a name and a value. These parameters correspond to the parameters required to perform a call to Mail & Deploy API (see API).


This parameter is optional and defaults to False. If this parameter is set to True, no user output is performed by the tool and no user input is allowed. If no credentials (see Username and Password) are provided, then a call with silent being set to True will fail, because Mail & Deploy API Shell would prompt the user for credentials and cannot do so because of the silent mode is active.

Output File Path 

This parameter is optional; by default there is no output file. If you supply this parameter, Mail & Deploy API Shell will write its output to the given file path.


The username that is used to authenticate against Mail & Deploy API (see API). This needs to be the credential username of a user (see Users and User Groups) with at least a role of API Consumer.


The password of the user used for authentication (see Username).


When executed, Mail & Deploy API Shell expects at least one parameter (see Request File Path).The request file will be read and you might be required to enter credentials with the appropriate parameters (see Username and Password); if the tool prompts for credentials, you need to enter the credentials of a user (see  Users and User Groups) with at least a role of API Consumer.

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