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Repository Converter is a tool shipped with Mail & Deploy that allows you to convert repository from Mail & Deploy Version 2.0.7 to a repository of the installed version of Mail & Deploy. 


The tool is located in the Tools\Repository Converter subfolder of your Mail & Deploy Server installation and can be started by double-clicking the file Mail & Deploy Repository Converter.exe.

It is highly recommended that you check the converted repository before actually using it in a production environment; use at your own risk.


Once started, you can start the conversion of a repository by clicking Convert Repository...; you can then browse the repository to convert. As soon as you have selected the file, the conversion process will begin and you will be able to see its progress in the log output. Any error message that occurs will be displayed in this log output. If the conversion completes successfully you will be prompted to save the new repository; once saved, the repository can be imported into the new installation of Mail & Deploy (see Repositories).

Please note, that you must not manually save the new repository into the Data\Repositories directory of your Mail & Deploy Server installation. This may lead to errors and other unexpected results; it is always necessary to import repositories (see Repositories) instead of copying the file manually.


Although Mail & Deploy Repository Converter is capable of converting a large part of your old repositories, it cannot cleanly convert all data. This is mainly due to breaking changes in comparison to older versions of Mail & Deploy. The following list provides an overview of all limitations:

  • The datasource cache of each datasource (see Datasources) needs to be refreshed before anything else can be done within that repository.

  • CSV reports have significantly changed; in older versions, it was possible to specify which cell types shall be included in the output; when converting CSV reports to the new versions, they will be imported in such a way that all cell types are included in the output.

  • When converting reports that contain table report elements based on pivot-tables, you need to manually go through these elements (see Table Elements) and adjust their pivot settings (see Pivot Settings), because they cannot be converted.

  • In previous versions of Mail & Deploy the direction of the output table of table report elements has automatically been adjusted to be equal to the direction of the datasource table on which the report element was based; if you use such a table report element, you need to manually adjust the table direction (see Table Elements) in the new repository.

  • If you used an execution calendar on a task, you need to add the calendar (see Calendars) and assign it to the task execution plan (see Execution Plans) manually after the conversion.
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