Chart Elements

A chart element can be used to insert the graphical representation of a chart into the report template during the creation of the report document. 

Chart elements have in addition to the general attributes (see General Attributes) which all report elements have - the following attributes:

Datasource ObjectThe datasource object (see Objects) from which you want to get the graphical representation.
DimensionsThe dimensions are used to control the size in pixels of the graphical representation.

Input Width and Input Height. 
These are the width and height in pixels in which the chart shall be rendered before scaling is applied.


The scale to apply to the rendered chart.


These settings can be used to cut off the rendered chart by the number of pixels given.

Output Width and Output Height. 

These are read-only values which indicate the size in pixels of the final representation of the chart. The chart will be inserted into the report document in the size given.
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