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The Mail & Deploy Qlik Sense Extension can be used to offer users the capability to request reports from Mail & Deploy directly from the Qlik Sense user interface (i.e. a Qlik Sense Sheet). 


A zip file that contains the extension is located in the Tools\Qlik Sense Extension subfolder of your Mail & Deploy Server installation. The installation of the extension follows the standard installation steps of extensions in Qlik Sense (Qlik Sense Custom Components Installation).


You can use the extension by adding the custom component Mail & Deploy to any Qlik Sense Sheet. 

The following properties can be set:

Host / IP-AddressThe hostname or IP address of the server that runs Mail & Deploy Server.
PortThe port of Mail & Deploy API (see API).
Repository The name of the repository that contains the report that can be requested.
Username The username of the user (see User and User Groups) that is used to authenticate with Mail & Deploy Server. The user needs to have at least a role of API Consumer in the repository that contains the report that can be requested.
Password The password of the user that is used for authentication.
Datasource NameThe name of the datasource (see Datasources) that connects to the Qlik Sense app in which the extension is used.
Report NameThe file type in which the report document shall be created. The range of available file types depends on the report type (see Report Types). The following values can be provided:

This file type represents an Adobe PDF Document.


This file type represents an Adobe PDF/A compliant document.


This file type represents an HTML document.


This file type represents a Microsoft Excel Workbook.


This file type represents a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.


This file type represents a Microsoft Word Document.
Download Name
The name of the download (excluding the file type extension) that will be created by the extension.
Apply Current SelectionsDetermines whether the current selections of the Qlik Sense app shall be sent to Mail & Deploy (and therefore affect the data that will be contained in the created report document).
Create Report TextThe text that the button of the extension shall display to indicate that clicking the button will create the report document.
Please Wait TextThe text that the button of the extension shall display to indicate that the report document is currently being created and the user needs to wait until that process has completed.


The extension consists of a button that can be clicked by the user to request the report document from Mail & Deploy server. Depending on the configuration of the extension, the current selections in the Qlik Sense app will be transferred to Mail & Deploy Server to influence the data contained in the report document.

Once the user has clicked the button, the request will be processed by Mail & Deploy in the background and the button will be disabled. If an error occurs, a message box will be displayed to the user; if the report document has been created successfully, it will automatically be downloaded by the web browser, using the download name provided in the configuration of the extension.

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