Actions - Report Document Creation

In this section, you will find all available actions for report document creation.

Create Report Document

This action can be used to create a report document from a report (see Reports). The created report document can then be used in other actions; for instance, to distribute it by e-mail (see Actions - Distribution), to save it to the file system (see Actions - Datasource Management) or to add it to the hub library of users (see Actions - Distribution). 

The following attributes can be set:

ReportThe report (see Reports) from which you want to create a report document. 
The name of the created report document; this name is used to reference the created report document in other actions, for instance, if you want to save the report to the file system, distribute it by e-mail etc. 

Please note, that there can only be one report document with a given name at any time during the execution of a task; this means that if a report document with the given name already exists, it will be overwritten by the newly created report document.
File Type
The file type in which you want to create the report document. The range of available file types depends on the report type (see Report Types). 
This setting allows you to specify in which culture (see Culture Awareness) the report document shall be created. It can only be specified for reports where Allow Custom Culture is enabled (see General Attributes). 
This list can be used to pass parameter values to the report; if the report on which the report document is based has parameters (see Report Parameters), you can feed these parameters with a list of values (see Expressions). 
If the file type in which you want to create the report document supports additional settings, you can specify them on the settings tab (see File Type Settings). 


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