How to create a report

There are a lot of options and functionalities to discover, but how about you start by creating your very first report? 

Before starting with the report creation, make sure you have connected your data sources, so your report is full of meaningful numbers! You can learn here how to connect your data sources. Your data sources are already connected? Nice! You are ready to create your first report!

Create Report

In the section reports, enter a name for your report and select the file type. The option Condition allows you to define a condition that has to be true in order to create a Report.

Set Parameters

Then add the parameters the report will receive, either from a Task or from the Hub (see Reports General Attributes and Parameters. The default values are used when running the preview. 

Filter and Manage Datasource

The Preparation Actions (see Actions - Creating Reports Introduction) come next. The filter fields are selected, which were created as default values. In the datasource field, the corresponding filter is selected for each value that was selected as a filter under Parameters. 

Design Report

When you have completed all Preparation Actions, it is time for the report design. First, a report template Default is created - this can then be used by simply copying in other languages or slightly modified.


Select Report Elements

There is a large number of report elements available in Mail & Deploy (see Report Elementsthat you can select and display in your report template. Select an element and customize it to your need with the corresponding attributes and design settings.

Drag & Drop it into the Template

Use drag and drop to place the elements in the template. 

Preview the final Report

Use the Preview icon to generate the Preview of your report.

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