How to upgrade from Version 3 TP4 and TP5 to Version 3 Final Release?

1. Backup the repository "C:\Mail & Deploy FOLDER\Data\Repository.db"

2. Download the Setup file from

3. Run the Mail & Deploy Setup.exe as administrator

4. Choose Remove Mail & Deploy

5. Run the Mail & Deploy Setup.exe as administrator

6. Follow the instructions to perform the installation

7. In services.msc stop the Mail & Deploy service

8. Backup the repository "C:\Mail & Deploy FOLDER\Data\Repository.db". This a blank/fresh repository.

9. Replace the repository "C:\Mail & Deploy FOLDER\Data\Repository.db" with the one you backed up in step 1.

10. Start the Mail & Deploy service in services.msc

11. Rebuild the cache of all Datasources

12. Ready!

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