How to create automatic backups

The backup functionality can be used to create regular, automatic backups of the Repository database. 
Configuring Backup Settings
To configure backup settings you have to connect to the Management Console of Mail & Deploy, click the Settings item in the main menu, and then click the Backup tile.
The backup configuration has the following properties:
Is ActiveDetermines whether backups shall automatically be created.
FrequencyThe frequency in which backups shall be created.
Destination DirectoryThe local or UNC path to the directory in which to store backups. The 
Service Account
 needs to have write access to that directory.
Number Of Backups To KeepThe maximum number of backups to keep. When the number of actual backups exceeds this setting, the oldest backup will be deleted.
Compress To ZIP FilesWhen enabled, the backup files will be compressed to ZIP files which results in smaller file sizes.

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