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Posted about 4 years ago by Mail and Deploy Team

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Introduce yourself by telling us who you are and what brought you here. You can also add some pictures and share your interests to help people recognise you.

When you are done writing your intro, do not forget to read the guidelines to quickly understand what the community is all about.

Thanks for being a part of the Mail & Deploy community :)

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Mateusz Masalski posted almost 4 years ago

 Hello everyone,

I'm using M&D since 2014 as an internal reporting Tool.

Can't wait for the fully web based Version 3!

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Steffen Bartschat posted almost 4 years ago

Hi there,

i am using Mail and Deploy for several of our customers. 

Great support and response time and an steadily evolving software. 

Looking forward for new releases!

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Tomasz Dybczyk posted almost 4 years ago


I'm using M&D from one year,  it's great tool and great support. I can't wait for version 3.

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Michael Gemmer posted almost 4 years ago

Using M&D since 2018.

Great support and absolute determination to satisfy the customer.

I like this software

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Rob M'Crystal

Rob M'Crystal posted about 4 years ago

Rob M'Crystal

Love this product - created my first report in 2016 and since then the software has grown faster than me!

Time to fix that

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