How to upgrade from version 2 to version 3

1. Do I have to pay extra to do the software(license) upgrade to version 3?

First of all, please send an email to to check if you are entitled to upgrade the license without extra cost.

2. Can I I install the version 3 in the same machine where version 2 is running?


3. How long can we have both versions running?

Till mid of 2022.

4. Can I install/migrate to version 3 by myself?

If you want to have both version running in parallel, you don´t have to migrate the version 2 to version 3 right away and you can do the installation by yourself. 

If you want to migrate to version 3, and not use the version 2, you do need an appointment, please contact your Partner or (if you don't have a Partner) for further instructions, and the consulting services for installation, migration and short introduction is 160eur/hour, our estimated time for this is 2 hours.

5. Is there a migration tool?

In some weeks, we'll distribute a tool that will merge/migrate version 2 repositories to version 3 repository. You will need an appointment, please contact for further instructions.

6. Where to find the system requirements?

7. Where to find the setup files?

8. Do I need a new license?

Yes! After checking out if you are entitled to upgrade without extra cost, you will get a license.

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